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Mercedes Viano

Sit back, relax, and let your chauffeur drive you in a luxury to some of the best known views, towns, villages and Palaces in Scotland.

Your chauffeur driven vehicle will collect you from a location of your choice and then head north towards the Kingdom of Fife.  A typical chauffeur drive tour starts in the Edinburgh area before crossing the Firth of Forth via the Forth Road Bridge which was opened by the Queen in 1964. As you cross the bridge look out for the world famous Forth Rail Bridge which opened in 1890. Look closely and you may also see the new road bridge being constructed to the West of the existing road bridge. When this is complete you will have three bridges, built in three different centuries, crossing the Forth in clear view of each other.  

Your private chauffeur drive tour will take you to Falkland Palace. This Renaissance palace sits in the middle of the Falkland conservation village and has many worthwhile features. You will quickly realise why it was a favourite place of Mary, Queen of Scots and was used as the country residence of the Stuart monarchs for 200 years. Consider a visit to its original and reconstructed rooms which are packed with 17th-century Flemish tapestries, elaborate painted ceilings and antique furnishings.  If you are a sports fan, take time to view the oldest real (or royal) tennis court in Britain, which was built for King James V.  And don't forget to leave time to stroll around the gardens which were designed by Percy Cane.

Your next stop will be the town of St. Andrews. So once more we ask you to sit back in the comfort of your luxury Mercedes Viano and let your chauffeur drive you to a place of history, learning and culture.  

St. Andrews is known the world over as the home of golf, but it could also be described as a coastal resort, an old town or a University town.  In 1559, St Andrews Cathedral was sacked by John Knox's followers, effectively signalling the start of the Scottish Reformation.  No wonder it has been said that “there can be few, if any, places of such modest size that are so well known around the world”.

Your chauffeur drive tour gives you plenty of time to visit St. Andrews famous golf courses and its historic old town before travelling back to Edinburgh through the Kingdom of Fife.  

On leaving St. Andrews you are asked to sit back in the comfort of your chauffeur driven vehicle and enjoy a tour of the fishing villages of the East Neuk of Fife before returning to Edinburgh.

As you return to Edinburgh via the Forth Road Bridge take time to reflect on what you have seen on your tour.  The famous bridges across the Forth. Falkland Palace and conservation village of Falkland. St. Andrew’s Golf Course and historic town centre.  And of course, the stunning countryside and fishing villages of Fife.  How many memories can you create in a day to keep for life?

Forth Bridges, Fife and St. Andrews



Just Ask
If there is anywhere special that you would like to see during your tour just tell us when you are making your booking.  

If you forget to ask at the time of booking, just ask your driver on the day of travel and, if it’s possible to stop safely, he will do his very best to meet your needs.

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Prices from £420
This tour lasts about 8 hours.

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We specialise in tours for small groups, up to a maximum of seven passengers.

We do not add other groups to your tour, nor do we accept bookings for individuals joining together to make up numbers.

Entrance charges to attractions, food and drink, or your accommodation are not included in our charges.

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Mercedes People Carrier
Ideal for groups of 7 or less

This tour is priced from £420 per day for the exclusive use of a luxury Mercedes Viano people carrier with driver.

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